Congratulations on beginning your very special wedding plans.  Your day will be very safe in our capable hands.

About us

Welcome to Blue Thistle Weddings.  We are Janice and Mark Grimley-Evans, Scottish wedding planners, a family business dedicated to ensuring you and your guests have a relaxed, memorable and happy wedding day.  Having been married recently ourselves we are personally very aware of what it is like to be planning your wedding from the 'inside'.  This recent personal experience, together with the many awards we have subsequently won for our professional wedding planning service, the amazing talented team of suppliers we work with and our dedication to getting you the wedding you want at a price you can afford gives us the edge when advising and guiding you towards a successful wedding day.

Janice and Mark Grimley-Evans at their own wedding in 2011
Their love story started 40 years before, ending with their fairy tale wedding following which they qualified as professional wedding planners.
Since then they have won several awards and helped many couples to plan wonderful weddings in Scotland from just 2 to 250 guests
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"Without you and Mark this day would have not been the same. You guys were so accommodating and perfect
 and every idea was spectacular and came out beautifully."   Alicia and Mike

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Wedding Planning 

We are privileged to have planned lots of beautiful exclusive Scottish weddings for couples from around the world. With over 20 years of event management experience together with our professional wedding planning qualifications and awards you can trust us to guide you calmly through the entire wedding planning process.  We realise anyone can plan a wedding but we also understand that it can be difficult knowing where to start to create your dream wedding day.  With the average wedding taking 250 hours to plan it can also soon become very time consuming trying to manage lots of different suppliers, come up with an overall theme, design your venue, decide on decor, stationery, your cake, flowers, transport, photographers, musicians, favours, find the perfect wedding dresss, keep up to date with your guest list etc and then pull off the perfect day you are hoping for. Things can soon become overwhelming and stressful.  We are here to do all the hard work for you leaving you with some free time to really enjoy your wedding planning.

Let us help you to plan a magical day which is unique, stylish and meaningful to you, your family and friends.

                Venue decor & styling               


Styling your venue is not just about how it will look but also about the ambience it creates for your guests which has an effect on how they feel.  Janice has an Award of Merit for her artistic skills in designing and styling weddings and can really help you with all your venue decor and styling requirements including hire of any props to complete the finishing touches and details which bring your wedding to life.

Rustic wedding styling by Janice Grimley-Evans as featured in The Scottish Wedding Directory Magazine


For everything you need to plan your perfect wedding in Scotland please get in touch for some friendly support and advice. 

Janice reassuring little bridesmaids before their walk down the aisle

I am here to help you.

best wishes,   Janice

International Wedding Planning Professional

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